Pens. And change

So, I lost my favourite pen down the back of my desk. It was purple and punchy and I was pretty damn keen on it.

The up side? In less than a week I will probably be moving and I’ll get it back then!!

This is one of my more transparent attempts at feeling cheerful about the fact that come early November, I will be leaving this apartment. I will be sad to see the back of my time here. It’s by no means a perfect apartment, as well meaning friends remind me when I get maudlin about the impending move – it’s cold and damp in winter, kiln-like in summer, the kitchen is small and falling apart, the laundry facilities are increasingly lack-lustre, and we are fairly certain (beyond the standard intra-building paranoia) that the neighbours get up to nefarious things on a regular basis – but there are things to love about it. The large windows and the wealth of natural light. The multitude of cupboards for craft supply storage. The built in shelving that through happy coincidence matched my cheap IKEA bookshelves, making my living room appear more put-together than it had any right to look. The balcony on which I have spent many, many contented hours with a glass of wine/cup of tea/armful of knitting.

The oven that gets to near-volcanic temperatures that allow me to bake excellent bread.


The tree outside my bedroom window in early spring.


My lounge room with its million books and lovely rugs and sundry bits and pieces acquired on various overseas journeys.


My windowsill garden.


These are things I will miss. I am a bit strange in that I am, for someone who lives to travel, also a complete and utter homebody. I love going away, but I love coming home as well, and it’s that much easier to get through the day when I know I am returning to a place of my own with my proverbial fingerprints all over it.

And, you know, after I leave, it’s going to be a while. First off I have business in the north; having nearly completed my practical legal training, and generally being a fool for the Hume Highway, I’ve taken a placement in a community legal centre on the mid north coast of New South Wales. Anyone who has followed my blogs over the years knows that I can’t stay away from this place; it’s as much my home as Melbourne, really. Of course, I’ll be there for work and not for play (at first), but given how much I love the area, it’ll be equally satisfying to know that I’m contributing to the community in a way I never have on my previous visits (you know, besides giving my patronage to the local used book store).

It will be good, I hope. Change is not easy for me, to say the least, but it’s necessary and this time I hope it’s for the better. But I will miss this place. Dearly.