Stubber of toes. Incorrigible vagabond. The token character that always gets seasick.

I call Melbourne home. It’s a pretty excellent place.

My social currencies include baked goods and self-deprecation.

I enjoy making things, travelling, writing, being in or near the ocean, things that are grapefruit flavoured, speculative fiction, computer games, and the Oxford comma.

I’m fascinated by history (natural and human), social justice, subcultures and their trappings, and the overwhelming complexity of the world in which we live. And also by praying mantises. Really, they’re just wonderful.

When left to my own devices, I can usually be found making clothes from string, reading, baking, walking somewhere scenic, canoodling with abandon, patting any cat in the vicinity, huddled on the couch watching Cosmos, and generally doing my very best to live magnificently*.



*Like Henry Miller. But I have written fewer sexy, sexy books.

Okay fine, no sexy books at all.


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