Winding up 2017


Hello blog – I missed you! No, for realsies, I did.

I’ve been terribly neglectful I know, and flown somewhat in the face of my resolution to update more often. At least I’ve a good excuse this time around. In July I started a new job; it was originally a two month contract, so I figured that I’d focus on work during that period and get back to blogging when I was done. It didn’t quite work out that way in practice since my contract got renewed not once, but twice; I am, in fact, still with the company, albeit currently on Christmas/New Year break.

The second half of this year has gone quite well, for the most part, though it hasn’t really been as balanced as I would have preferred. I like the work that I’ve been doing, and the company at which I’m employed has been extremely accommodating when it comes to my health issues, but the fact remains that working full-time hours while you have even comparatively mild chronic fatigue leaves precious little energy for recreational pursuits. When it comes to balancing work, your health, and recreation/socialising… it’s basically a matter of “pick two”. And that’s on the good days. Managing not just my health but also my life balance and my expectations of myself has been an interesting challenge.  Still, at least it’s nice to have more yarn money, and to have a reason to be up about early enough to enjoy the sunrise.


All of the above grumbling about not having enough time and energy aside, I haven’t stopped knitting. My relationship with the craft is a long term and committed one – I’d throw a great many other hobbies out of the proverbial window before I put down the needles – and frankly, I rely on knitting quite a lot, even during the times when I’m too exhausted to see straight. It calms me down when I’m stressed out, it makes me feel constructive when I’m too tired to tackle more involved tasks, and it keeps me warm when it’s cold. Do not let the lack of posts (or Ravelry updates, for that matter) mislead; I have definitely been knitting. I am always knitting.

Anyway. It’s January 1st, and since I’m spending New Year with an internet connection for a change, I thought I might as well write my yearly round up post on time, instead of my usual several-months-late approach.

When it comes to my knitting related aims for 2017, I suppose I’m vaguely satisfied with how things have panned out. I said that I wanted to work more on original designs and while they haven’t constituted the majority of my knitting, I have whipped up a few things from scratch. Nothing particularly groundbreaking – mostly just some hats and toddler jumpers for friends – though I am currently part-way through a colourwork edged tunic that’s proving an interesting challenge. I also said that I’d like to expand my repertoire of techniques a little. While I’m yet to master steeking I have at least tried it, and I’ve definitely expanded my knowledge of cast-ons and bind-offs. One of my other aims was to refine my techniques a little, and work harder on finding the appropriate method for each project instead of just resorting to the methods with which I’m most practiced or comfortable. I’ve certainly done that, up to and including finding a tubular cast on method that doesn’t make me want to tear out my hair! And while a lot of my 2017 knitting was either non-wearables or gifts for other people, I also did fairly well with knitting things that I actually wear, that work well with my wardrobe.

My non-knitting goals have also fared quite well. I definitely did more sewing and drawing in 2017 than in previous years; I’m still definitely at ‘beginner’ level but you need to start somewhere. And I’ve created a multigrain/rye sourdough recipe with which I’m very happy.

Goals for the coming year to follow!




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